Spooptoberfest 2020: My Top 10 SAW Traps: #5

🎶It’s the most wonderful time of the year.🎶

Welcome to Spooptoberfest 2020, a month-long celebration of all things horror. This year, we’re taking a look at my all-time favorite horror franchise: SAW. I know what you’re thinking, “Are you serious? Why?” and obviously there is nothing I can say to fully express why I love this franchise so much, I had such a hard time choosing the order for this list, but I hope to give some insight this year. And yes, I am beyond hyped for Spiral.

With SAW, I want to take every trap from all 9 movies and list my top 10. This is my personal opinion and I am basing my choices on the following criteria:

  • Design / Aesthetic
  • Pain-Level
  • Survivability
  • Entertainment Value

Now with some of these, I need to be careful, because if you’re like me and very knowledgeable in SAW lore, then you’ll know that there are many traps that don’t abide by the original rules: a person being tortured and the main player of the game has to free them, two players face each other and one must die for the other to live, and there are traps that are made to kill as opposed to acting as a “tool” to change a person’s life. If I include any traps that fall into either or both of those categories, I will make special note of that.

Without any further adieu, as our lord and savior once said, “Let the game begin”.


#5:  The Pig Vat



                        We have entered the top 5! The third installment of the SAW franchise follows poor Jeff as he traverses a game that includes all the people involved in his son’s death. Jigsaw decides to test Jeff because after his son’s death, Jeff neglects his wife and his daughter. Then, as we learn in SAW VI, Jigsaw can relate to Jeff. Jeff’s second test requires him to save the judge that gave a light sentence to the man who was responsible for his son’s death. The only requirement, is that Jeff has to burn all of his son’s toys.

11 (1)

Jigsaw’s Explanation: “Jeff, when the judge presiding over your case sentenced your boy’s murderer so lightly, your soul never recovered. Now, you have the power to sentence his soul straight to hell. Or, you could forgive. The key that will free him is hidden inside your son’s possessions, possessions you have clung to for far too long. Now if you flip the switch on the incinerator underneath you, a fire will cleanse you of this obsession and destroy them all, leaving only the key remaining. It is also the key that will bring you closer to the man accountable for taking your child. He doesn’t have much time, Jeff. Let the game begin.”


How it works: A victim is placed at the bottom of a large vat. Above them, large rotten pigs are shredded into pig goo and then dumped onto the victim until they drown.

JeffSecondTest (1)

Why I like it: This trap took so many viewings for me to be able to watch it without cringing and gagging. This has got to be one of the most excruciating traps in the series. The victim is just trapped there while rotten pig guts are dumped on them and they just wait until it finally consumes them… and THEN they have to drown in it. All the meanwhile some sad sack of shit is dicking around. Imagine the smell.

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