Spooptoberfest 2020: My Top 10 SAW Traps: Honorable Mention

🎶It’s the most wonderful time of the year.🎶

Welcome to Spooptoberfest 2020, a month-long celebration of all things horror. This year, we’re taking a look at my all-time favorite horror franchise: SAW. I know what you’re thinking, “Are you serious? Why?” and obviously there is nothing I can say to fully express why I love this franchise so much, I had such a hard time choosing the order for this list, but I hope to give some insight this year. And yes, I am beyond hyped for Spiral.

With SAW, I want to take every trap from all 9 movies and list my top 10. This is my personal opinion and I am basing my choices on the following criteria:

  • Design / Aesthetic
  • Pain-Level
  • Survivability
  • Entertainment Value

Now with some of these, I need to be careful, because if you’re like me and very knowledgeable in SAW lore, then you’ll know that there are many traps that don’t abide by the original rules: a person being tortured and the main player of the game has to free them, two players face each other and one must die for the other to live, and there are traps that are made to kill as opposed to acting as a “tool” to change a person’s life. If I include any traps that fall into either or both of those categories, I will make special note of that.

Without any further adieu, as our lord and savior once said, “Let the game begin”.


Honorable Mention: The Razor Box

Film: SAW II


             I couldn’t list my top 10 SAW traps without at least mentioning the famous Razor Box from SAW II. If you’ve heard anything about SAW II, it was most likely this scene.

              Coming back to SAW II, we have entered the final act. The big twists are beginning to unravel, our group is torn apart, and Xavier has discovered the true secret to escaping the death house. Off on her own, Addison discovers an unexplored room with a large clear box hanging from the ceiling. She grabs the envelope, but the audience doesn’t get to see who it is for. Although given the design of the trap, we can guess. We see that in the box there is a single syringe of the cure with two strange looking holes. Addison, desperate and devoid of all fucks, just throws the tape away. She gazes into the box and puts one arm through one of the holes. We can see the holes are some kind of sharp blade meant for trapping the victim’s arm inside. Addison tries to grab the syringe, but it is glued to the bottom. The syringe breaks, spilling the cure, and, losing her shit, Addison puts her other arm through the second hole therefore sealing her fate. This is the moment everyone (even me) goes, “Oh you fucking dumbass!”. Addison, the dumbest victim is the entire SAW franchise, solidifies herself as a meme until the end of time.


Before we move on, I found a very interesting fun fact about this trap:

In an early script of Saw II, the trap planned for Addison was written to resemble a waffle iron. Upon trying to grab a syringe with the antidote, two clamps would trap her wrists and slowly heat up. In order to free herself, she had to press her face against a third hot iron positioned right in front of her. This would activate a mechanism that would release her from the clamps so she could obtain the syringe. Her instruction tape would have said something like “she had to sacrifice her looks in order to save her life.

-Source: https://sawfilms.fandom.com/wiki/Razor_Box


        Damn. Could you imagine? That would have been so great. I agree with everyone that The Razor Box scene was definitely one of the dumbest scenes in the entire franchise. But hey, we all joined together in laughter at the stupidity of Addison’s actions. And, I think, that is all that matters

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